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Fully sanitizable systems tailored to your needs
We only use stainless steel for the PW or WFI storage tanks as well as all piping. With full sanitization you can safely maintain your water quality - whether in hot or cold storage. We will manufacture your tank and all components exactly to your requirements - with individual volume, design, pressure resistance and surface finish.

Monitored quality: storage systems without risk
A continuous circulation through the loop system as well as additional, optional measures guarantee a reduction of microbiological growth: such as installed UV systems, dead space reduction and cooling or regular sanitization. In the loop, all relevant parameters are constantly monitored by the system. In the event of an alarm, appropriate measures are taken.
As a further option, we can integrate a point-of-use management for you. This allows you to determine maximum water usage or control specific points of use.

Easy on-site installation
Our storage and distribution systems are turnkey - thanks to a pre-assembly of all components. This makes on-site installation especially easy. The right concept of materials, design, flow rate and components is critical to your storage and distribution systems. LETZNER is happy to advise you.

You can find all information about the components used in the data and information pdf.

  • Vessel and pipeline construction
  • Hot and cold storage
  • Point-of-use management
  • Integration of cold- and hot points of use

Storage & Distribution Systems