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Purified Water

Intelligent technology for more efficiency and flexibility
To protect the patient, the production of purified water is subject to well-defined rules and regulations that must be adhered to. This places high demands on the design of the system. That is why at LETZNER we build our systems completely with stainless steel - without exception - and place the focus of our design on microbiology. For maximum safety.

Your system: dependent on feed water quality, pretreatment and product requirements
The core of every pharmaceutical water purification is the reverse osmosis system - as a physical and effective barrier to ions, organic impurities and microorganisms. Downstream electrodeionization (EDI) serves to remove residual ions and ensures maintenance of the required conductivity. The exact system design depends on the feed water quality, the scope of the pretreatment and the basic product requirements.

Innovative technology in LETZNER system design
Apart from the absolutely safe operation, technical details and the size of the system naturally play an important role as they determine:

  • Yield
  • Plant maintainability
  • Efficiency
  • Wastewater quantity produced
  • Product quality
  • Production flexibility

and therefore your operating costs. Here at LETZNER bringing together safety and profitability means: implementing the optimum in "system design".

The special LETZNER CO2 patent - for safe standby phases 
Standing water poses an increased risk as it promotes the growth of microorganisms and formation of biofilms. The standby mode is therefore of particular importance. If standby continues for a while, the pH value is reduced by adding CO2: against microbial growth and inorganic deposits.

Higher yield and product quality
The hydraulic design of the reverse osmosis system determines the yield and product quality. Therefore, LETZNER relies on an optimally adapted hydraulic configuration for the system design. An additional concentrate treatment stage provides yields of 90% or more.

Less wastewater, less costs: performance regulation & more
You want to use water as a resource responsibly and economically? LETZNER makes it possible: More wastewater increases operating costs. That's why our systems work in a performance-oriented manner: When water requirements are low, the power is reduced and the system operates with energy efficiency. At the maximum tank level, there is no system shutdown - instead, the water in your system circulates, thus ensuring the constant flow-through of product-contacted pipes.

Modular design: to stay flexible
LETZNER always provides you with a modular system. Thus, subsequent adjustments are no problem: for maximum flexibility.

With LETZNER systems you comply with regulations and standards - and keep your operating costs low. Also thanks to our comprehensive service program - with 24/7 service, emergency service, inspection and remote maintenance mode.

You can find further details about your production of purified water with LETZNER systems in our data and information pdf.

  • 316 L stainless steel, aseptic connections according to DIN 11864
  • Concentrate treatment to reduce wastewater
  • Performance regulation: 10-100%
  • Hot water sanitization within 3-5 hours
  • Modular design - performance can be increased easily

Purified Water