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Individual designs for your pharmaceutical needs
Pure steam for sterilization purposes is necessary for various pharmaceutical procedures in different orders of magnitude. We plan, develop and design your plant according to your desired pressure range and capacities. For a reliable sterilization of components, pipelines or medical devices.

Pure steam generation according to EN285 
The thermal degassing of the feed water removes all non-condensable gases in compliance with EN 285. The steam is produced via an external heat exchanger. The low rate of ascent of the vapor within the pressure column ensures optimal droplet separation.

Similar to the WFI generation, the heat exchangers, which are operated on the secondary side with impure media - by process steam and cooling water - are constructed as tube bundle heat exchangers with double bottom. This way, an unnoticed mixing of pure and impure medium can be almost excluded.

Time advantages thanks to intelligent standby system 
With our pure steam generators, you also benefit from an intelligent standby system: for minimum waiting times within standard operation.

This will secure your need for pure steam - and provide you with technical details with clear advantages during operation.

You can find further details on how our pure steam systems work in the data and information pdf.

  • Anti-rouging concept
  • Desalination < 1%
  • Full insulation
  • Natural circulation procedure: no scaling of impurities

Pure Steam Generator