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Key for quality: component and system design
Every production of pharmaceutical water begins with the assessment of the feed water, as well as a precisely matched pretreatment. With its decades of experience, LETZNER plans the plant design and its technical design - including the selection of optimal components - for absolute reliability.

Long-term safety: through flawless system design
The key factor in the design of the pretreatment is the chemical composition of the feed water. Long-term reliability and microbiological safety are among the prioritized key factors of our plant design philosophy. To prevent microbial growth, we always work with sanitizable components and special UV units in the water softening process. Even with non-production, our sophisticated standby concept offers a sufficient flow rate within the water softening system. All components are made from stainless steel.

Maximum reliability: filter and dosing systems
For reliable protection of downstream treatment stages, filters against particles, for iron and manganese removal as well as ultrafiltration membranes are used as required when the water has a high colloidal or microbial load. Furthermore, special dosing systems are used to remove chemical ingredients such as chlorine or silica.

Perfect results: hygienic design for your pretreatment
In terms of design and construction, our installations always minimize dead space, can be sanitized with hot water and are made of AISI 316L grade stainless steel. Sterile clamp connections and a surface roughness of <0.8 μm are used. Automatic operation, monitoring and remote maintenance included.

The interaction of all these components in the pretreatment ensures the perfect and reliable operation of the subsequent treatment stages. That's what LETZNER stands for. Whether for Purified Water or WFI.

Want more details about the pretreatment of pharmaceutical water? Read our data and information pdf.

  • Pretreatment in 316 L stainless steel
  • Hot water sanitization within 3-5 hours
  • Softening with single valve control, UV unit and continuous circulation
  • Stainless steel sampling tray

Pretreatment Installation