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LetzTOC by LETZNER - measurement device, analysis, online monitoring 
The LetzTOC measuring device is an in-house development by LETZNER for the monitoring of pharmaceutical water. It allows the determination of the total carbon content in a sample. For monitoring PW, WFI or pure steam, LetzTOC complies with all European, American and Japanese pharmacopoeia specifications.

Online monitoring of the final rinse
The device can also be used for online monitoring of the final rinse at higher TOC values - for example as a result of contamination.

LetzTOC: infrared spectroscopy by NDIR detection
LetzTOC uses UV light for the oxidation of organic substances to CO2, which is then measured using infrared spectroscopy. The use of the infrared detector reduces the risk of determining false TOC values.

By the way: Our online TOC device measures cold and hot water. Via USB, you can easily analyze the data and archive it with our LetzData software. In addition, we offer certified test solutions for calibration and the system suitability test.

As a pharmaceutical water specialist, we do everything we can to ensure quality - including measurement equipment and tools to reliably verify this quality.

All further details about the in-house development, LetzAnalyze-TOC, can be found in our data and information pdf.

  • Infrared spectroscopy - 2 online channels
  • Measurement of cold and hot water samples
  • Touch panel for control and visualisation
  • Easy operation and data analysis
  • Certified test solution (SST, calibration)

Online TOC Measurement Device LetzTOC