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Individual CIP systems with LetzAnalyze-CIP for validation
LETZNER tailors CIP systems to your individual requirements - with all necessary components such as reservoir vessels, dosing stations, hygienic pumps, heat exchangers and the necessary measurement sensors for flow, conductivity, pH value, etc.
The plant design includes numerous building blocks to minimize microbial growth and simplify cleaning processes - such as 316L stainless steel design, dead space reduction, aseptic connections and full drainability.

LetzAnalyze-CIP: mobile CIP monitoring

For validation purposes, the LetzAnalyze-CIP mobile measuring station offers numerous advantages for securing your CIP cleaning process: It can be used for various CIP systems and accelerates the cleaning validation of new CIP processes by shortening the times for laboratory analysis - for online TOC and conductivity measurement. It also enables continuous monitoring of the entire CIP process in compliance with the FDA’s PAT initiative with fully automated bottling for laboratory analysis.

LetzAnalyze-CIP – for more efficiency
Further advantages of the LetzAnalyze-CIP measuring station include savings potentials for cleaning agents and pharmaceutical water, minimization of the risk of contamination through fully automatic sampling as well as the possibility to sterilize the entire unit with pure steam. That’s how LetzAnalyze and CIP systems combine maximum performance, individual configuration and innovative measurement options for validation.

You can find all information about our CIP systems and the mobile LetzAnalyze-CIP unit in the data and information pdf.

  • Hygienic design
  • Program freely configurable
  • Complete residue emptying

CIP Systems


In order to reproducibly ensure the cleaning success of a CIP cleaning process, validation is essential. One option for sampling as part of cleaning validation of the CIP cleaning process and later in routine monitoring is the analysis of the final rinse. LetzAnalyze-CIP is a measurement station that can be used to check various CIP systems simultaneously by analyzing the final rinse fully automatically. The measuring station consists of the following main components:

  • Online conductivity probes (one probe per CIP system)
  • Online TOC measurement device LetzTOC
  • Fully automated sampling for offline analysis in the laboratory
  • Fill level and mounting monitoring of the bottles taken for sampling
  • Installation of a hygienic pump for non-circulating CIP systems
  • Connections, piping, and programming for fully automated pure steam sterilization of the piping
  • Connections, piping and programming for fully automated drying of the system with purified compressed air after pure steam sterilization
  • SPS control, data documentation and remote maintenance with industrial PC (21 CFR Part 11)

The measuring station can be used as a mobile unit. The facility is designed to accelerate cleaning validation and continuously monitor the complete CIP process, in compliance with the PAT (Process Analytical Technologies) initiative of the FDA. Cleaning validation of new CIP processes is accelerated because the online TOC analysis eliminates TOC laboratory analysis times. A reduction in the use of detergents and a greater savings potential for pharmaceutical water are possible. The fully automated sampling integrated in the measuring station can reduce the risk of contamination during sampling considerably. The entire sampling unit can be installed and dismantled using aseptic clamp connections. Thus, the entire unit can be brought to the laboratory for analysis without removing the bottles individually. To prevent nucleation within the measuring station, the system can be sterilized with pure steam before the next cleaning process.

All further details about CIP monitoring can be found in our data and information pdf.

  • Fully automated monitoring of CIP processes
  • Online conductivity and TOC measuring
  • Automated sampling for offline measuring
  • Hygienic design
  • Automated rinsing and sterilization of the plant

CIP Monitoring with LetzAnalyze