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LetzTEST is convinced that safe drinking water can only be guaranteed when there is a local capacity to perform professional water quality testing for national priority parameters. In many countries the number, quality and capacity of water testing laboratories is still very low and very far from meeting the needs. Especially in more remote areas, people and water systems are hardly ever connected to any sort of water quality monitoring.

For this reason Adrian Letzner has made it his business to develop new water test kits which are tailored to the conditions in regions with limited infrastructure.

Microbiological LetzTEST Kits are:

  • TestTEST Tube – Fecal Bacteria Presence / Absence
  • LetzTEST Household Water Test Kit – create awareness for water quality
  • LetzTEST Portabler Membrane Filitration Kit – quantitative determination of fecal bacteria in drinkingwater
  • LetzTEST electricity-free chemical Incubator – 37°C, worldwide unique and protected by patent office
Important factors in the development were for example the independence from electricity and a robust nature. Simple operation and independence from consumables also played an important.

LetzTEST supports partners with effective and practical workshops, webinars, test kit video trainingsand consulting services.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you would like to support and promote this project with us.

You can find more information about LEtzTEST and the kits here (PDF) or on