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Specialist in pharmaceutical water purification

Founded in 1991, LETZNER Pharmawasseraufbereitung GmbH specializes in consulting, design & engineering as well as manufacturing and maintenance of water treatment systems for the pharmaceutical industry. All components of the water treatment systems - pretreatment, reverse osmosis systems, multi-effect stills, Pure Steam generators, CIP/SIP systems, and storage and distribution systems - we adapt to the spatial conditions on site.

Standardized components, modules and solutions are individually assembled according to specific customer needs and industry standards. Purified Water, Water for Injection and Pure Steam are processed in our plants according to the latest Ph.Eur., USP, JP, GMP and FDA requirements while observing the highest quality standards.

Turnkey systems and complete solutions

LETZNER is delivering turnkey systems worldwide: ready-for-operation solutions from drinking water to the point of use in the clean room. The entire system, including the vessel and distribution piping, can be provided and seamlessly integrated into the facility using high quality pharmaceutical grade components. Similar to modular design, different qualities, components and technologies can be chosen in terms of material, surface structure, type and processing as required. LETZNER is committed to taking into account all customers' needs and demands, all regulatory standards and guidelines and the given composition of the feed water.

Process and product safety and thus the patient’s safety are absolutely paramount to us. To be able to ensure this safety at all times, we comply with recognized guidelines and exclusively use very high quality materials from the feed water entry to the point of use for the consumer. Our staff is dedicated to the GMP idea and implements it in all process steps and workflows. Turnkey solutions - made in Germany, whether in standard design or tailor-made, set us apart.


If you would like to discuss a particular topic, please contact one of our experts. We are happy to help you with questions about water purification processes and the design of your plant. 

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Head of Sales

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Internal Sales

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Sales & Project Management

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Sales Engineer






Our main site West offers a combination of qualified personnel and a central European location. Here, our team of developers works to a high standard on the continuous optimization of our systems. We are happy to consult with you and plan your plants on site. Hückeswagen is our main production and manufacturing location. From here, our turnkey systems are delivered to all our customers.

Our branch in Bremen is dedicated to advising new clients and coordinating existing customers and their needs.

Our service technicians are available for all maintenance and service requests at our locations in Gera and Stuttgart.

For quick on-site service, our Ost location in Gera is ready for maintenance and other services.