Letzner Pharmawasseraufbereitung

Sterile DTS Heat-Exchanger

Double tube sheet heat-exchanger for the pharmaceutical, biotech an food industry.

  • Meeeting all FDA- and ISPE requirement regarding DTS-heat-exchanger.
  • To heat, cool down, condense and evaporate pharmaceutical water grades.
  • The inner tube is carrying the process media (purified water, WFI), the outer tube is carrying the service media (process steam, chilling water).

Advantages of Letzner sterile DTS-Heat-exchanger:

  • Compact tubular heat-exchanger
  • Long running time
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • High heat-exchanging surface due to small diameter of inner tubes

Application range: Chemical & Process Engineering (Pharma-, cosmetic- and food industry)

Execution: FDA-, ISPE-, USP-conform


Main features:

  • Surface roughness Ra £ 0,8 µm
  • multi pass DTS-heat-exchanger
  • Insulation with stainless steel
  • electropolishing on demand down to Ra £ 0,4 µm

Material of construction: AISI 316L