Letzner Pharmawasseraufbereitung

Double Stage RO-System

Quality features

  • Sanitary design of pre-treatment and RO membrane system: Biofilms will be avoided and microbiological requirements will be maintained during shutdown and at elevated room temperature.
  • Sanitary system design in stainless steel: Heat sanitisation at 90°C, sanitary construction with membrane valves, TC-connections and orbital weldings.
  • Two stage system, RO- membranes with highest rejection rate: Rejection rate of all impurities is extremely high, for example silica (important for pure steam generators and multi effect stills). In case of emergency the system is able to run with one stage. Future microbiological demands will be performed (low nutrient media).
  • Quality controlled output: Only water according the specification is feet into storage vessel. In the strippercolumn the conductivity is measured based on ions.
  • Cleaning and preservation by "Letzner CO2 patent": After initial chemical cleaning sanitising chemicals are quickly and thoroughly rinsed out. During shutdown the system is pressurised by CO2 which through the Letzner patented process acts to sanitize the membranes and prevents microbiological growth while in the shut-down mode.
  • Sanitary type Luer valves are used for sampling.

Construction features

  • Proven submersible pump technology: Submersible pumps are up to 85% quieter than those used in traditional RO- systems. The pump motor is cooled by feed water.
  • Stainless steel pressure vessels are 316L stainless steel with Sanitary type end caps.Vessels come with Factory Acceptability Test Certification.
  • Integrity test of individual RO- cartridges are performed and documented.
  • The system is “Soft“ started for minimal mechanical stress of the RO- cartridges.
  • All product water piping is orbital welded (³ 95% of all welds). Boroscopic documentation and certification of the welds is provided.
  • Hardness is controlled with carbon dioxide and /or with high molecular weight sequestrant (descalent) to prevent scaling.
  • Plant capability can be increased 50 to 100% by adding additional pressure vessels.
  • During shut down the system will be cleaned with the permeat high purity water and CO2.

Control system and visualization

  • PLC- Siemens S7
  • Visualization system with data recording for documentation on PC
  • Telemaintenance function
  • Option: busconnection

Qualification and Validation

  • Design qualification (DQ)
  • Welding documentation
  • Boroscopic documentation of welds
  • Delta ferrite control
  • Installation qualification (IQ)
  • Performance qualification (PQ) with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP`s)
  • Factory Acceptably Testing (FAT) and pre-qualification in our facility